Friday, October 2, 2015

"The Beastly Tales 1 -3" (Compete Series) - MJ Haag

Devastation (Beastly Tales #3)Devastation by M.J. Haag
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This Review is actual for all three books in the Beastly series.

Book One : 5 Stars
Book Two : 4 Stars
Book Three : 5 Stars

Overall Rating : 4.6 Stars

Reader Beware!!!!

This is most definitely not your typical beauty and the beast tale. You will not find any hints of Disney's romanticized happily ever after in these books.

This is a much darker tale of magic and horror all rolled into one phenomenal retelling of 'a tale as old as time' and I absolutely freaking loved it. I lived and breathed this series. I consumed these books like a dying man gasps for air.

This series is dark and twisted and horribly devastating. And let's not forget the raw romance and the primal nature of the sexuality rubbing rampant in this series. This series took our most primal instincts and urges and showed how we rise above them. It really shows what separates man from beast.

If you're looking to fulfill your craving for a darkly reinvented twisted fairytale, look no further!

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