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"Hope's Decree" - Angela McPherson

Hope's Decree (The Fated #1)Hope's Decree by Angela McPherson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: "Hope's Decree"
Author: Angela McPherson
Publication Date: August 2013
Genre: Young Adult/Fanasty/Mythology

My Rating: 4 Stars

I was so very lucky to be given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

The book gods have looked down upon me and seen the horrible strife I've been muddling through with one awful young adult/fanasty book after another. Yes, they looked down upon me and decided to spare me. The delivered unto me a shining jem called "Hope's Decree".

If you can't tell by the overly dramatic rendition of the above paragraph, I found this book to be beyond stellar. Seriously, the cover and the description just do not do this book any justice. Actually, if I had just seen the cover and read the description on my own time and I had not been given a copy of this book, I actually don't think I would have read it. Thank goodness fate intervened and a copy of this book fell into my lap!

I'm sure all my fellow readers are aware that this genre is quickly becoming worn out with awful, unoriginal stories that make you cringe while reading them; so to find a fresh, original book like this, is a rare occasion indeed.

The author writes a fantastically creative and captivating storyline. I was thoroughly impressed with how she took the 'Pandora's Box' theme and somehow made it completely new and intriguing. Seriously, hands down, this has got to be one of my favorite spins on old school mythology.

The characters are so freaking intense and they play off of each other magnificently. Both Morpheus and Blain have a starring slot on my 'bookshelf boyfriends' shelf. Although, is it so wrong that I really wanted Morpheus to be the 'one'? I think I just like to be contradictory, honestly. Anyways, they are both amazing, you feel me, love? ;)

The only reason that this book rated at 4 Stars instead of 5 Stars was actually due to the back and forth complete indecision of Trinity and Blaine's romantic(or perhaps not so romantic) relationship. It was almost like watching a ping pong tournament on crack. I think I got whiplash trying to keep up with them.

All in all, this was a very fun and exciting read and I can't wait to see what else I can discover from this author.

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