Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Moonbreeze" - Adrienne Woods

Moonbreeze (The Dragonian, #4)Moonbreeze by Adrienne Woods
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Moonbreeze
Author: Adrienne Woods
Publication Date: November 2015
Genre: New Adult/Fanasty

My Rating: 5 Stars

My Review:

This is the fourth installment of this series and it happens to be one of my favorite series by one of my must read authors.

It's a grand slam of a book. It's absolutely everything I've come to expect from Ms. Woods and so much more. I, for one, was absolutely thrilled with how this book crossed over from the young adult genre into new adult and dark fanasty. Woods executed this crossover with such finesse and it spoke volumes to her stunning ability as an author.

The characters are so gritty and raw in this book compared to her other ones and I finally feel as of Elena had morphed into something that I can only describe as a freaking beautifully damaged and strong hurricane of a character.

The storyline in this book is what we've all been waiting for. Dark, beautiful and riddled with action, adventure, and even more heart breaking scenes.

I'm absolutely floored with how breathtaking and soul wrenching this book was for me. I can barely contain my excitement for the next and last installment on this series.

Bravo, Ms. Woods, bravo!

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