Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Rising Shadows" - Bridget Blackwood

Rising Shadows (World in Shadows Book 1)Rising Shadows by Bridget Blackwood
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Title: Rising Shadows
Author: Bridget Blackwood
Series: World in Shadows #1
Publication Date: February 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
My Rating: **2 Stars**

My Review:

I can really see why people would be hooked by this story and the way the author portrays the characters. For me personally, it was all together too much and not enough all at the same time.

I just felt like I wanted more world building and a deeper background to the characters so i could really get behind them and what they were going through. I wanted to know more of what was going on and I felt like the story lacked any real depth.

Wait, maybe depth isn't the right word.... but I just know that I was given a tiny taste of greatness and I needed to know more. It was completely frustrating and put most of the book into a bad light for me.

My other problem was that there was too much going on too quickly. The kindle version of the book is a little over 100 pages and we were slammed with almost six different point of views with uneven narration and the flipping back and forth of perspectives gave me whiplash. It was just so much trying to happen all at once.

So, yeah...

Basically, a fantastic and intriguing idea with not enough detail and a rushed multi-person perspective... Kind of like this run on sentence.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Bloodmark" - Aurora Whittet

Bloodmark (Bloodmark Saga, #1)Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: Bloodmark
Author: Aurora Whittet
Series: Bloodmark Saga #1
Publication Date: October 2013
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal/Romance
My Rating : *** 3 Stars***

My Review:

First let me say, I kindly received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

This book was a solid 3 Star read in my opinion. It has the absolute potential to be a magnificent series while at times I felt like I was banging my head against a steel door. But honestly, I think that's what made me all the more intrigued.

The actual plot and story are very intriguing and left me wanting more. When I finish a book and I feel like I need to know how things are going to play out, I consider that a successful start to a series. *ahem* Excuse me, a saga. Which by the way, I love the fact that its called a saga because it just sets the tone for epicness.

The characters were interesting but this here is where I really felt my head banging against that steel door. The main character was absolutely mind blowingly immature. I get it, I do. Shes just sixteen and super sheltered, but my god, she got to be so annoying at times. Of course, enter in stage left; bad boy Grey. While he has all the makings and trimmings to to that bad boy bookshelf boyfriend, I found myself just completely hating him. He was just so... so typically werewolf romance bad boy. And I kept huffing and sighing whenever he did something, so much, in fact that my husband asked if I was having an asthma attack. (I feel I should point out that I do not have nor have I ever had an asthma attack - but, whatever).

Still, with all that, I feel compelled to see where this story is going. Like I said, I just feel like it must be something epic. I sincerely hope it lives up to my standards.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Demons In Disguise - A&E Kirk

Demons in Disguise (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #3)Demons in Disguise by A&E Kirk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Demons in Disguise
Author: A&E Kirk
Series: Divinicus Nex Chronicles #3
Publication Date: December 2015
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Young Adult
My Rating: 4 Stars
My Review:

Okay. Here it is. The review of the book that I have been waiting to read all year. I just could not, could not find it in my entire being to give this book five stars all because of one reason....

...... Where the HECK did my Hex boys go? Its like, they were background noise in this book. It was utterly depressing.... But....


Hello Cristiano.... Please come seduce me any day of the week Mr. Seduction Guru. I mean, wowzers! I think I need a fire hose to put the flames out. Fer realz. Goodbye Ayden. I'm sorry, you lose. At least in my perfect world you do. Let's face it though, we all know he is the Nex's Bellator and my, what a fine Bellator he is.


Moving on... The Kirk's of course deliver another spectacular installment in one of my very favorite series. My biggest complaint is that they don't write the books fast enough for me! I need them now. All of them.

The writing is of course filled with witty humor and an insane amount of non-stop plot twist after plot twist. I loved every minute of it and I cant wait to reread it just so I can enjoy it all again!

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Drop Dead Demons- A&E Kirk

Drop Dead Demons (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #2)Drop Dead Demons by A&E Kirk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Drop Dead Demons
Author: A&E Kirk
Series: Divinicus Nex Chronicles #2
Publication Date: May 2014
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Young Adult
My Rating: 5 Stars
My Review:

Holy cheese and crackers! Just when I thought that I couldn't like a book even more than I already did, the Kirk's go and blow the top of my head off. This is by far one of the most amusing and amazing series I've read in this genre.

The Kirk's can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to the Hex boys and a spunk-tastic, spaz-tastic strong female lead. I mean, seriously, who doesnt love a damsel who can save herself with her own epic-ness of humor, sarcasm and holy-crap-I-can't-believe-that-worked-explody-power-thing!

This is truly a laugh out loud, kicking butt and taking names, one of a kind paranormal fantasy. Its epic people. Absolutely epic.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Its that certain time of year where we all remember what it means to be truly alive and grateful. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a very merry holiday and a fantastic new year. I also promise, and I mean 'cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die-promise' that I will actually be posting my reviews more frequently. Being the time of year where every thing is always so crazy and so filled with family, fun and love; I have most definitely neglected my reviews. Fear not! i have at least 17 books waiting on my read to review shelf and I will be finishing up my re-read of A&E Kirk's Divinicus Nex series in anticipation of the third book's release later this month. i am more than likely only going to have enough time to finish off my year with that series. But I'm looking forward to where my reading and reviewing adventures take me in 2016!!

"Demons at Deadnight" - A&E Kirk

Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #1)Demons at Deadnight by A&E Kirk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title : Demons At Deadnight
Series: Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1
Author : A&E Kirk
Publication Date : January 2012
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal

My Rating: 5 Stars

My Review:
This is the second time I have read Demons at Deadnight and honestly, its only gotten better. Like an true book nerd, with the approach of the third book (finally!!!!) about to be released, I needed to make sure that I was completely and 100% knowledgeable about all things Aurora and those hexy knights.

I swear, this book will make you laugh out loud with the witty sarcasm and you'll definitely want to strangle the characters and hug them at the same time. There isnt another book out there that even comes close to producing what the Kirk's have done here. This book is a freaking comet shooting through the sky with a bunch of dull back lit stars. I've even entertained the idea of using 'gifs' to explain my absolute love and cult like worship of this book but alas, I've restrained myself... barely...

To top it all off, I've even managed to coin one of the Kirk's sayings. Everyone thinks I'm so witty when I say "I've got grace management issues". Even my boss has started to look at me more fondly and with appreciated humor after he filled out his 6th incident report in just as many weeks.

Truth be told, I'm hopelessly and enthusiastically down right addicted to this series and the phenomenal writing, characters and of course 'smokin' hex boys.

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