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"Allies & Assassians" - Jujstin Somper

Allies & Assassins (Allies & Assassins, #1)Allies & Assassins by Justin Somper

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Allies & Assassins
Author: Justin Somper
Series: Allies & Assassins #1
Publication Date: May 2014
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

My Rating: 4 Stars

Prince Anders, the ruler of Archenfield, has been murdered, leaving his younger brother, Jared, to ascend the throne. Sixteen-year-old Jared feels unprepared to rule the kingdom and its powerful and dangerous court, yet he knows he can rely on the twelve officers of the court to advise him. He also knows he can just as easily be at their mercy-especially when it appears that one of them may be responsible for his brother's death. Unable to trust anyone, Jared takes it upon himself to hunt down his brother's killer-but the killer may be hunting him, as well.

My Review:
What is wrong with me?!?

I've had this book checked out of the library for-ev-vor... I mean, I was on a perpetual 'renew' cycle every two weeks for nine weeks straight with my local library until I realized that it was due without any more renewals left. Thank you so very much local library gods for having a borrow time length. If not, I might never have actually gotten to delve into this wonderful and amazing story!

This book was phenomenal. It was rich with court intrigue, murder, and mayhem. I loved the absolute mystery throughout the entire story and how the author wove together all the different ideas and theories. I thought it was actually pretty darn awesome how the book took place over the span of about a week. It made everything seem so much... "more". The emotions ran higher, the feelings were so fresh and raw and it gave a boost to the suspense of figuring out what was going on. It was a positively masterful idea on the authors part to have the story play out this way. I will definitely be continuing on in these series!

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