Friday, January 1, 2016

"Girl Meets Underworld" - Jess Watkins

Girl Meets Underworld (Girl Meets Underworld, #1)Girl Meets Underworld by Jess Watkins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: Girl Meets Underworld
Author: Jess Watkins
Series: Girl Meets Underworld #1
Publication Date: October 2013
Genre: Paranormal/Young Adult
My Rating: 3 Stars

My Review:

For once, just once, I want the werewolf to get the girl. I mean come on. Werewolves are awesome. And they don't drink blood (ewwww!). Would it freaking kill an author to let the werewolf get the girl?

This book was a quick, mostly entertaining read. I definitely got sucked into right away due to how the author opened this story up. It made the characters feel just a little more raw and real.

I'm not going to lie, its the typical vampire, werewolf, kind of reminds me of Twilight novel. Except... hello, British style! Which made it a little different but sometimes just weird with how things came across.

Anyways, I still think its a solid read if you are in the mood for a book like this.

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