Friday, February 12, 2016

"Rare Form" - Jen Crane

Rare Form (Descended of Dragons #1)Rare Form by Jen Crane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: Rare Form
Author: Jen Crane
Series: Descended of Dragons #1
Publication Date: October 2015
Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 3 Stars

Stella’s life fast-tracks to extraordinary when she enrolls at Radix Citadel for Supernatural Learning, an enchanted college whose students turn furry on the regular. As Stella learns to navigate the magical new world of Thayer she must also find her animal form, a task as elusive as her ancestry. Stella soon faces an even greater challenge: staying alive long enough to learn to manipulate an animal form she never knew she possessed. (Excerpt taken from

My Review:

I feel like I am on one of those teeter-tot things that we all used to play on when we were kids in elementary school during recess. On one side, I really enjoyed this book; on the other side, I really hated parts of this book!

The whole idea behind the story line is pretty interesting and in a genre that is flat out overused and unoriginal, this book definitely stands out for its original parts. Its almost like one of those trendy t-shirts I see people wearing that says their year of birth with the tagline of "All original parts". This book should have that on its back cover... except more like:

"Published 2015"
"Some Original Parts"

HA! I think I'm hilarious. Seriously, I crack myself up. Anyways, I definitely liked the characters in this book but I am so over the potential love triangle and I really just want the main character to drop that G dude. I seem to always find myself rooting for the guy that never wins. Shame, really, the book would be much better for it.

I was a little thrown off with the 'pace' of the writing. It seemed to go really slow and then it was zero to a freaking million in 2.1 sentences, with a sharp downhill turn back to zero. It was like the best part of the book came out of nowhere and was over before I could really figure out what happened.

This series has me intrigued enough to read the second book with the hope that it converts me to being on the definite love side.

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"Turn of The Moon" - L.P. Dover

Turn of the Moon (Royal Shifters, #1)Turn of the Moon by L.P. Dover

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Title: Turn of the Moon
Author: L.P. Dover
Series: Royal Shifters #1

My Rating : 2 Stars

My Review:

Just why!? Why do I keep reading these sure to be awful werewolf insta-love craptastic books. I just don't know whats wrong with me anymore. I'm like a moth to a flame... or better yet, a freaking bug to a bug zapper. I know it will be awful, but I just can't look away! Or rather, in this case, stop reading.

I guess I just keep hoping that if I keep reading this genre that I will end up finding another werewolf story to fall in love with. I mean, that's how I came across Kristina Espinosa's "Shift" but seriously, I beginning to wonder if its worth it any more.

This book was just god awful. With a slow moving plot that technically had two climaxes (trust me, it wasn't even worth it) and characters plucked straight from rent-a-bad-werewolf-cliche, this book offered little in the way of creativity and just couldn't hold my interest.

The worst part is I already downloaded the second book before I read the first and now I just keep having to look at the cover and think, oh gawd, there is no way I'm reading you.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Created Darkly" - Gena D. Lutz

Created DarklyCreated Darkly by Gena D. Lutz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Created Darkly
Author: Gena D. Lutz
Series: Kris Chase #1
Publication Date: December 2013
Genre: Paranormal Urban Fantasy
My Rating: 4 Stars


Necromancer Kris Chase's purpose is simple. Blindly raise the dead for the primary elite, self necro-governed group, the Center. The problem is, she couldn't care less about what the Center expects from her. Instead, she is more content with snuffing out the life-force from every vile creature she can get her hands on; the same monsters her brethren indiscriminately create… for the right price.

My Review:

I was so extremely lucky to have been given a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Heck to the yes you sexy kick butt necromancer chick! I absolutely love how freaking awesome this book is. This one completely took me by surprise. It wrapped me up and took me for a ride that I'll never forget.

What an awesome spin on necromancy and vampires. My mind is completely blown. I honestly haven't enjoyed a book about necromancers so much since Garth Nix's series. This was such a unique spin and has so much originality in it for a book that is part of an over populated dried out genre. I mean, seriously, I can tell you exactly how every other paranormal urban fantasy book will go and I can sure as heck tell you that every main character is a private investigator. This book doesn't go by any script and that's probably why I ate it up like I was starving.

This is definitely a series that I will be reading with zeal!

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"Sapient Salvation 1" - Jayne Faith

Sapient Salvation 1: The Selection (Sapient Salvation Series)Sapient Salvation 1: The Selection by Jayne Faith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Sapient Salvation 1: The Selection
Author: Jayne Faith
Series: Sapient Salvation #1
Publication Date: October 2015
Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction
My Rating: 4 Stars


Twice a year, the alien Lord Toric demands a selection of human women between the ages of 18 and 20 to compete for a place in his harem. Maya must get through just one more selection and then she can marry the man of her dreams. She should have been safe, but when a young woman who was supposed to compete dies the day of the selection, Maya is forced into the competition.

My Review:

I absolutely devoured this book! I read it in one sitting and I was left wishing it hadn't ended.

This book is probably one of the best recipes that takes ideas from some other books and comes out of the oven even better than its predecessors! Think hunger games plus 'The Selection" minus the crappy reality T.V. angle (thank God!) plus just enough spicy originality and you've got yourself one freaking awesome book.

I absolutely could not get enough of this story! The characters definitely had to grow on me but the rest of the story made it easier to bear. I say this, because at first, the characters seemed young, dumb, and immature. Wow, that sounded harsh! I just meant that I wasn't too fond of them. I remember rolling my eyes around chapter two and thinking to myself that it was going to be another one of 'those' books. You know, cookie-cutter-paranormal-teenage-angst. Fortunately for me, this was so not the case. The characters actually drastically improved as the story built and I found myself hooked.

The world that the author sets up gets my geeky little book loving heart pumping and I swear, I'm like a middle school girl squealing and jumping up and down in my head. I absolutely can't wait to see how this is going to turn out. This book was such a tease. I am left wanting so much more!

Trust me when I say that you want to read this book! You won't be disappointed.

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"Of Light and Darkness" - Shayne Leighton

Of Light and DarknessOf Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: Of Light and Darkness
Author: Shayne Leighton
Series: Of Light and Darkness #1
Publication Date: January 2016
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal
My Rating: 2.5 Stars

Short Summary:

Raised by a Vampire in a secret society of Witches, Shifters, and Elves, Charlotte finds that she is the freak in her world of magic and wonder. When she stands before an army of impossible obstacles, the likelihood of survival in this coming-of-age modern fairy tale is slim, resulting in a war between light and darkness.

My Review:

I finished this book almost a week ago and I've just been beyond baffled on what to say about it. There were just as many good ideas,characters and interesting plot developments as there were bored-to-tears, that doesn't even make sense and why, oh why are we still reading about this moments. I thought if maybe I sat on writing my review that things would somehow become clearer and I would instinctively know what to put down in words, but I don't. I honestly have never had to try so hard to make a review happen. I mean, seriously, I usually just wing it and hope it flies.

Okay... deep breath...

This novel had a lot of moving parts in it which almost seemed to detract rather than enhance. There were a multitude of creatures, with some of them showing up half-way through the book, making me question if it was truly necessary for them to even be introduced. In a way, I understand that the author was trying to add more 'magic to the magical world' but it just seemed like overkill, even if the creatures were kind of cool.

This book was very.... dare I say it... A.D.D. Or better yet, almost like a three year old who is on a constant sugar high roller coaster with all the ups, downs and temper tantrums in between.

The characters were interesting due to the nature of the actual beings while somehow remaining so very one-dimensional. And to be honest, the whole "father-turned-insta-love-can't-live-without-you" relationship thing had me pretty grossed out. It was an inconsistency at best, and at worst, ruined 99% of the romance. It was a pretty big yuck factor. Also, another inconsistency that really annoyed me was that at first, vampires completely drain their kills and don't do multiple feedings as well as it says they can't survive on animal blood and then bam! Fast forward and we have a coven of vamps living on animal blood until Charlotte somehow becomes a one stop-shop all you can drink buffet.

I don't know, it just seemed so very off to me and most of the book was all about the weird lust between daddy vamp and Charlotte where I would have preferred to see more of the battle between the vamps and the fae. Oh, and it was definitely on the very 'young adult' side of the genre with the writing although the author pushed for a more mature, dark side that never really came through

So, in a nutshell... oh, who am I kidding? I could barely put my thoughts down about this one let alone sum it up in a sentence.

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